The automation solution that digitizes sales in the banking, insurance and utility sectors

Manages agents, generates digitally signed contracts,
sends them to backend systems

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Diana changes the way of managing sales on the go (door-to-door and shop-floor), increasing its effectiveness thanks to the around me and planning features, which direct agents towards the most interesting prospects. The real time checks on the supply of the service and the OCR, which assists the data entry, increase the productivity of the sales force and reduce the workload on the back office.


Diana - Focus on the market, not on the back office

Diana guides the agent in the sales process supporting it step by step

  • During the identification of the target clients
  • While illustrating the products’ portfolio
  • In customers real-time credit scoring
  • In customer profiling
  • In the preparation of the tailor made offer
  • In solving problems during the sales process
Diana application

Diana captures, from the acquired images, the data and service of the customer and uses them to automatically fill in the contract, which is then refined directly on the tablet with a biometric signature.

  • Eliminates the data entry
  • Makes the contract valid and non-repudiable (Advanced Electronic Signature)
  • Is GDPR compliant
  • Eliminates the risk of fraud
  • Integrates an advance ticketing and troubleshooting platform to solve technical and commercial problems in real time
Diana application

Why choose Diana

Because it allows you to sell more and better

Agents visit customers with higher probability of acquisition and lose less time in low value-added activities (data entry - filling in contracts)

Because it reduces human errors

The guided process, the digital acquisition of documents, the OCR recognition of relevant data (name, surname, CF, delivery codes, etc..) result in fewer errors and reduce the workload on the BackOffice.

Because it eliminates fraud

The digital acquisition of documents, the online verification of the services’ availability, the preventive credit check on the customer and the biometric signature make fraud impossible.

Because it allows full control and oversight over the network

It is possible to direct the sales force, monitor its operations and manage campaigns in real time. In addition, the continuous monitoring helps improve commercial effectiveness.

Because it is intuitive, easy, powerful

It was born from a careful study of the needs of the sales force in the area; its interface is optimized and easy to use.

Because it can be integrated with legacy systems

It is designed to integrate with any corporate CRM/ ERP. Automate data import and export orders/ estimates; the data is always updated and the orders are processed without errors, in real time.

How does it work?

  1. Find customers and schedule appointments

    It directs the sales force with the support of the around me feature and the management of qualified lists of customers.

  2. Present the products

    It presents the commercial offer in an effective and innovative way by digitizing it and removing the necessity of carrying paperwork.

  3. Support the choice of contract type

    Profiles the customer by acquiring data and habits of use during the sales process and in combination with the data acquired by the CRM it allows for a tailored offer to the customer.

  4. Capture the data

    Diana acquires data through scanning of images which eliminates manual data entry errors.

  5. Allows the signing and finalization of the contract

    Diana offers automated finalization of contracts (or contract proposals) including completing them with electronic signature.

  6. It allows the management and monitoring of the process

    It allows the Business function to perform a real-time and extremely granular control of the sales process (how much, what, where, who).


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  • Optimize work processes
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduces the possibility of fraud
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